Vitamin K2 Benefits: As Impressive as the Mountain Itself

Vitamin K2 Benefits: As Impressive as the Mountain Itself

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Dec 6th 2019

Mount K2, the second highest mountain above sea level on earth, is an extraordinary and impressive sight to behold. The vitamin that shares the same name is equally awe-inspiring. Vitamin K2 has been relatively unknown, especially in Western diets. But this is an impressive nutrient that benefits overall health in several very specific ways. Vitamin K2 is found in animal foods (meat) and some fermented foods; it's also available in supplement form. Also known as menaquinone, K2 supports healthy bones and cardiovascular system, as well as general longevity, brain health, and a more youthful appearance in the skin. How does one little vitamin impact so many different systems? In a word: calcium.

How Vitamin K2 Benefits Calcium

Vitamin D+K2 supports how and where calcium is deposited throughout the body. We know calcium is important for healthy and strong bones and teeth. But did you know calcium in the blood vessels and kidneys can be dangerous? Vitamin K2 regulates calcium deposits.

Heart Health

By preventing calcification in blood vessels, K2 reduces the risk of heart disease and supports healthy circulation. This essential nutrient also prevents calcium deposits around the heart, which may help prevent coronary heart disease. Two separate, long-term studies showed significant protection from cardiovascular disease in subjects with higher intakes of Vitamin K2.

Bone and Dental Health

Just as Vitamin K2 prevents calcium from depositing erroneously within the walls of the vascular system, it also helps bones and teeth take in the calcium consumed through diet. An amazing protein called osteocalcin is necessary for calcium (calcin) to bind or adhere to the bones (osteo). This aptly-named protein requires K2 to become fully activated. Repeated studies have shown substantial decreases in fractures due to osteoporosis (especially among women). Some of these indicate Vitamin K2 can reduce some fractures by 81 percent! (By the way, calcium that does not bind to bones and teeth has a nasty habit of setting up camp where it does not belong. Exhibit A: Arteries!)

Brain Health

Ninety-eight percent of the K vitamins found in the brain are K2. If it appears in such significant quantities, it must be important, right? K2 is thought to help the brain, not only through reducing calcification, but also as an antioxidant. K2 lowers the risk of Alzheimer's disease by promoting healthy blood flow to the brain, lowering levels of inflammation in the brain, and preventing oxidative stress.

Skin Health

Firmness and elasticity, two of the biggest attributes of youthful appearing skin, are impacted by vitamin K2. Excess calcium in the elastin of the skin contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. K2 activates a protein called matrix GLA, which the skin releases in order to prevent calcification within the elastin. Additionally, a 2011 research study showed women with extensive wrinkles also tended to have lower bone mass. This, again, suggests a relationship between K2 and the regulation of calcium binding to the correct areas of the body.

Vitamin K2 Benefits the Body's Proper Usage of Calcium

Speak with your doctor to learn more about Vitamin D + K2 and potential deficiency. While a test can tell if you are deficient in Vitamin K2, many individuals could benefit from the effects this impressive vitamin has on brain, bone, heart, and skin health. WonderLabs is proud to offer you this high-quality product from a Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility.

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