Vitamins and Supplements for Women's Health

Vitamins and Supplements for Women's Health

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 29th 2020

While men and women are mostly similar in their body structure, composition, and overall health needs, there are certain marked differences between the genders in terms of health issues and risks particular to each. Women are generally more susceptible, or uniquely susceptible, to a variety of health complications in contrast to men. There are multiple reasons for this, such as the fact that women's bones are lighter and thinner than men's, their body fat percentage is generally higher, and their bodies are designed to carry out the gestation and birth of children. If you are a woman, then the issues and supplements discussed in this article could be of great benefit to you. All these supplements are either natural or derived from natural products, and some could be called at-home remedies. Here are some supplements that could be of benefit to you either now or in the future:


Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones lose their density and strength over time. Per, roughly four out of every five people diagnosed with this condition are women, with women over the age of 50 at greater risk. Calcium, which is well known for its capacity to enhance bone strength, can help prevent and treat osteoporosis. In a perfect world you would get enough calcium in your diet, but taking a daily calcium supplement is an excellent way to ensure you get enough, per Vitamin D is also a critical supplement for treating osteoporosis, although many people are not able to get enough from their diet alone, with exposure to sunlight (but not too much as to damage the skin) also a rich source of vitamin D.

Reproductive Health

Folic acid can play a vital role in ensuring good reproductive health in women, especially when it comes to fetal development. Per, folic acid is vital for cell division that is necessary for producing DNA. It has the potential to promote proper fetus development and may even help prevent birth defects. Iron is necessary for certain bodily functions in both genders, but if you are a woman, it is especially important that you get sufficient amounts. This is because of the menstruation cycle, and iron is carried in the blood. Iron plays a role in normal cellular growth and function, per

Mental Health

It is now well known that mental health issues are common, and they have the potential to significantly affect on your overall well-being. Women are generally more susceptible to depression than men. Both genders are susceptible to depression whether it be because of life events, genetics, or a combination thereof. explains that it is especially common for women during certain time periods, such as during or after pregnancy or, for some, at some point in the menstrual cycle. Omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish and in supplement form, are known to provide two chemicals often lacking for those experiencing depression. It's thought that consuming omega-3s can help ward off feelings of depression, per Be sure to take it regularly. St. John's wort, a type of flowering plant, has been shown in a number of studies to possibly provide some relief for mild to moderate depression. It is important to talk to your doctor before taking St. John's wort or any of these other supplements on a long-term basis. Folic acid, as discussed above, is also thought to help relieve depression. If you are a woman who has experienced an issue linked to any of these conditions described earlier, or believe that you might be susceptible to one of them, consider taking one or more of these supplements, per your physician's guidance. It is in your best interest to take care of your health so that you have time to worry about more important things!

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