Vitamins & Supplements for Breastfeeding Moms

Vitamins & Supplements for Breastfeeding Moms

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Aug 1st 2018

Did you know that August is National Breastfeeding Month? This week we're celebrating moms and moms-to-be around the globe with a comprehensive guide to the best vitamins and supplements for breastfeeding mothers.

Do I Really Need Vitamins & Supplements While Breastfeeding?

If you go down the internet research rabbit hole, you'll find a wide variety of opinions concerning vitamins and supplements for breastfeeding moms. Some experts strongly encourage them, while other groups claim they're totally unnecessary. Ultimately, the decision to take (or not take) vitamins and supplements while breastfeeding is one you may want to discuss with your primary care doctor. The general consensus, however, is that vitamins and supplements are not necessary for breastfeeding mothers who eat a healthy, well-rounded diet. That being said, certain vitamins and supplements may be able to do, well, just that… supplement your healthy diet with extra nutrients! Let's take a closer look at some of the vitamins and supplements that could be helpful for breastfeeding mothers…

B-12 for a Vegan Diet

If you eat a vegan diet (no foods derived from animals), then you should take vitamin B-12. You can get B-12 through fortified foods and some nutritional yeast products. However, the safest and easiest way to ensure you get adequate vitamin B-12 without eating animal-derived foods is by taking a supplement. Buy it here – Vitamin B12 Sublingual | B6, Folic Acid and Biotin

Calcium & Zinc

Calcium and zinc tend to be two of the most common nutrients lacking in a breastfeeding mother's diet (especially if you're trying to reduce calories in your diet). It's important to note, however, that consuming less than the recommended intake of calcium and zinc does not affect the nutrient makeup of actual breastmilk. Baby will be fine! The calcium and zinc supplements are for you. Buy it here – Calcium Magnesium Zinc

Don't Forget Vitamin D

Finally, Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for both mom and baby. Vitamin D can be obtained through exposure to sunlight, as well as natural and fortified foods. If you aren't receiving adequate amounts through sunlight or food, a supplement may help. Recent studies have suggested that infants with vitamin D deficiencies may be able to receive adequate amounts of vitamin D through breastmilk if the mother takes a vitamin D supplement. Buy it here – Vitamin D Natural Dry D 2000 IU

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